Updating a related record via Set Field

If you want to update a field in a related record in a script, the easiest way seems to be to use the “Set Field” script step.  So, for example, Set Field [program_enrolment_PERSON::ActiveDate; Get (CurrentDate)] will quite happily set the field even though the the field isn’t on any open layout.   However, it’s important to do a COMMIT after the Set Field – the Commit will have the effect of saving the current record, plus any related fields.

I wasn’t at all sure about this, but was reassured by applying a validation test to the related field, that would run when an Commit was attempted but would fail (e.g. that it had to be zero), and, sure enough, the test is performed on the Commit of the parent record.


One Comment on “Updating a related record via Set Field”

  1. Cyrille Destribois says:

    Great tip. Thanks a bunch Dave 🙂
    Cyrille (from France)

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