Data Separation – Part 3

Well, it’s all going surprisingly well.  I did have one hiccup, caused by my enthusiasm to delete all the scripts from the DATA file.  This included the “startup” script, with its test for user privilege – i.e. “if this is a full access user, show all the menus”, resulting in me being locked out completely.  Not a big deal – all I had to do was clone another version of the database and start again.  And it was a good learning experience!

Anyway, having started with 2 identical versions of the database, I now have 2 very different ones.  The INTERFACE file has no data in it, and the DATA file has no interface elements, and no scripts – well, almost no scripts… just the one startup script that lets me in!  Layouts in the DATA file are also thin on the ground – basically, there’s just a “DEV” layout for each table.


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