Import Pitfalls

When doing a data import (as part of an upgrade, for example), I’ve come across a couple of hiccups.  If you don’t have the source file open when you start the import, the import script will prompt you to open it, with a suitably privileged account.  Not a problem if you only have one or two tables, but if you’re importing from multiple tables, you’ll have to open it each time, and the novelty of that soon wears off!  One solution, of course, is to open the source file before you run the import script – BUT, doing it this way, the import will be limited to the source file’s current found sets, which is obviously a problem.

So, to ensure that ALL records are imported, without the need to open the file for each table, I do the following:

  1. In File Options, under “Log in using”, specify a suitably privileged account to be used automatically.
  2. At the start of the import, make sure that the file is NOT open.

Obviously, after the import, the “log in using” option should be removed.


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