OnObjectExit – Keeping focussed on the field being validated

I use OnObjectExit quite a lot for field validation – “if the field contains x, tell the user it’s not valid and invite  them to enter something else” – but I found that, even if I put a “Go To Field” script step at the end of the script, the cursor didn’t get put in the field (or at least it did, but only until the script finished, at which point the field was no longer the active field).  And it’s not as if control had gone elsewhere – the data viewer confirmed that no field was active once the script had completed.

So a script like this:

If [test::field]  ≠ “2”
Show Custom Dialog [“Not correct”]
Clear [Select;[test::field]
Go to Field [test::field]
End If

doesn’t provide the functionality that I need.  The Go to Field works fine, but once the script ends (with a default result of “true”), control has already gone from “field”.

The solution is to exit the script with a false result.  If the OnObjectExit script finishes with a false result, control remains with the recently exited field.  So instead of the “Go to Field” step, pop in an “Exit script” with a “false” result, and all will be well.

If [test::field]  ≠ “2”
Show Custom Dialog [“Not correct”]
Clear [Select;[test::field]
Exit script [Result: 0]
End If


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