Set Field – “Specify Target Field” Optional

When using the Set Field script step, I’ve always used the “Specify target field” option, thinking that, for Set Field to work, I had to say which field to set.  I must have done this hundreds of times.  But it was only this morning that I realised that this option is just that – an option, and that I therefore have the option not to specify the target field.  In this case, the current field is set (assuming that a field is already selected).

This means that, for example, triggered scripts can be made much more portable – often I’ve found myself passing the field name as a parameter in situations where, I now realise, I can just do (say), “Set Field [“”]”.

This was one of those “doh” moments, with which I have a love/hate relationship.  I’m embarrassed and annoyed not to have realised before, but pleased to feel better equipped for future challenges!


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