Conversion to FM 12

As the developer and supporter of a fairly mature, stable application in FM11, I’ve been thinking about converting it to “.fmp12” format.  One thing that’s been putting me off is that it will be a re-write, rather than a simple conversion – there are a lot of design flaws in the current system, and it’s the obvious opportunity to put them right.

So I’ve decided to bite the bullet.  The features of FM12 that have tipped me into this big decision are (in descending order of importance):

    • The option to develop versions for iOS devices on FM Go.
    • Access to the ExecuteSQL function – I can see this being really useful, and greatly simplifying my massive relationship graph.
    • The much-improved charting function.
    • Improved layout tools, including the nice themes.Window styles, especially “modal dialogs”, which will make life a lot simpler.

I’ll mention any particular issues, difficulties (and even good things!) that crop up during the process.


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