Layout Tip – Tidy Pop-Ups On iOS

Pop-up menus in Filemaker Go are great, but have an annoying behaviour.  If, after selection from the menu, you tab automatically to a text field, the on-screen keyboard is displayed.  This is ugly.  You can, of course, remove the pop-up field from the tab order, but this has the effect of leaving the menu displayed after item selection – also ugly.  The solution is to have an OnObjectModify on the pop-up field, which just does a Commit Record.  This has the effect of removing the pop-up menu, which, combined with removing the field from the tab order, gives the calm, elegant behaviour that we seek!  (Thanks to Mike Mitchell on Filemaker Technet for pointing this out.)


One Comment on “Layout Tip – Tidy Pop-Ups On iOS”

  1. audiosquid says:

    This doesn’t seem to work, after selecting in pop up menu, filemaker go still goes to another field after a script trigger OnObjectModify and a script that commits the record. Go to next field via tab (or enter/return) is off, and the popup menu does not have a tab order number. The filemaker client acts as expected (after choosing pop up, it does not auto go to the “next” field. Perhaps I’m missing something, but so far haven’t found it.

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