Opening a Popover with a Script, part 2

Well, I haven’t put anything on this blog for a very long time, but this seems a good time to start again, because I’ve realised that there’s a serious limitation to the technique described below, ‘Opening a Popover with a Script‘.

If you use the excellent WebDirect option to give your users access to the solution via a web browser, be warned that hidden popovers do not work. It seems that this is a known bug in Filemaker, which is good news in a way, as it may one day be fixed.  But until then, I’m having to think of a workarounds.

In ascending order of fiddliness, this is what you can do:

Option 1 – Hide the button by making it tiny (1×1 pt), and with no line or fill.  This makes it effectively invisible, but not ‘hidden’.  The disadvantage is that, because it’s not hidden, the button is clickable.  That said, it’s very unlikely that the user will click on such a tiny object, especially if you leave the ‘change to hand’ option unclecked.

Option 2 – Place the button behind another button.  Then set the button on top to perform a ‘do nothing’ script step, e.g. ‘Resume script’.  The button should have a fill and line the same colour as the background, no ‘change to hand’ option, and no behaviour set for when it’s active or in focus.  One disadvantage of this is that it makes the whole assembly hard to spot in layout mode.  So I’m tending to use the little yellow lozenge (hidden, obviously, via the Inspector) as an indicator that there’s an artificially hidden button in that space.

(Thanks to the good people on Filemaker Technet for steering me in the right direction.)



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